Camp Artemis
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Camp Artemis FAQS

•Limited financial aid will be available. This will be done through the registration process. Participation in the cookie or nuts sale is a prerequisite.

•Mandatory Orientation Day is required for campers, new and returning. It is optional for returning camper parents/guardians. This is a girl-run program. Assessment of the campers is made on this day by the Artemis youth staff so that the best placement can be made into the patrols (and sometime phases). Returning campers are 1 year older (growth and change in these young women happens). Our youth staff is a combination of past and new staff with different assignments each year. This assessment process is a critical part of the on-going success and well-being of Camp Artemis.

•Camper Parental Help is not an option. All Artemis adult staff is volunteer and have undergone extensive training for Camp Artemis.

•Troop Enrollment is not encouraged. Troop members, friends, and relatives will not be placed in the same patrol and we only have so many patrols per phase. This is best experienced as an individual and the campers will soon make new friends.

•Individual Tents brought by each camper will be their nest/home for the week and where they will keep their personal gear. The girls do not share tents. Each patrol sets up these tents in a circle with the sides of the tents touching.

•Camper Attendance is expected from Sunday (registration day) at 9am to Saturday (Graduation Day) ending at 1pm. No exceptions.

•Camp Equipment is available for loan on an as needed basis. Signups for this equipment will be done at Orientation Day in June.